Acqua Panna water is proud of a long history. Its birthplace, Panna estate in Tuscany, dates as far back as the Renaissance period to the glorious days of The Medici Family.


This prominent Tuscan family, patron of arts and culture, used to spend their holidays at Panna estate in the beautiful Tuscan land, enjoying local specialties and drinking water from the source.




Experiencing the Tuscan way of life means to perpetuate an ideal of simplicity, elegance and balance in arts and culture, but also at the table.Thanks to its organoleptic qualities Acqua Panna is able to harmonize flavors without covering them.




From luxury hotels and best restaurants to at-home and out-of-home and on the go drinking, Acqua Panna bottle multiple sizes meet customers’ diverse needs in any occasion. Choose Acqua Panna water bottle size for your delivery.


You can appreciate the many water bottle sizes in which Acqua Panna mineral water is available. From the 250ml bottle and popular 1 litre glass bottles to convenient plastic bottles, it is as easy as it is convenient to quench any size thirst with Acqua Panna.



It is sealed in tamper-evident, recycled glass bottles and convenient plastic bottles for shipment through the world. You can find it in most retail outlets. Acqua Panna single-size served provides pure refreshment that is fast and convenient. It comes in the following packaging sizes:



* 250ml glass bottles, the ideal portable size for everyone

* 1 litre large bottles, larger size

* 500ml & 750ml glass bottles, ideal for larger gatherings


Most sizes are available individually, in packs or cases


The Tuscan taste of harmony.


From the heart of an uncontaminated nature in Tuscany, Acqua Panna needs 13 years to flow through the aquifer and reach the surface at the natural spring where it is bottled without any additional treatment.


Is there anything in nature puresr, fresher and clearer than water? Those are all distinctive characteristics you immediately link with water, and in particular with natural mineral water. As it pours underground, still mineral water undergoes changes in its physical and chemicals composition, acquiring truly inimitable traits and recognized properties favourable to health.


Located in Tuscany between the municipalities of Scarperia and Barberino di Mugello, Acqua Panna water springs are part of an aquifer situated on the main watershed’s south flank in the local northern Apennines between the Futa Pass and Mount Gazzaro at an altitude of around 0.560 miles above sea level.


Acqua Panna needs 13 years to flow through the aquifer and reach the surface at the natural spring. It flows at the very low temperature of around 7/12 degrees celsius, a stable temperature, season independently . No change in the main chemical parameters of the water occurs during heavy rains, which means that the aquifer is fully protected from the infiltration of surface water at its depth. It is bottled at the source without any kind of additional treatments nor filtering.


As Acqua Panna Tuscan spring is naturally replenishing, we only use the naturally replenished quantity for bottling, respecting the natural equilibrium of the source.




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