Camagni offers you the opportunity to create your dream kitchen – a living space in the strict sense of the word. Camagni kitchens are designed to give you superb functionality and to convey a feeling of intimacy,warmth and liveliness.


Camagni has over 50 years of experience in the kitchen sector. Camagni company carefully manufactures kitchens and made to measure interior design, offering a very high quality both in the production and in the customer service.


Since the very initial stage of planning Camagni, together with its technically experienced staff,supports customers in chosing the product that best answers their needs for space and taste. This is achieved through field surveys, assembly on site and an accurate assistance throughout Europe. In addition to the production designed by Camagni company itself, the customer can find a wide range of offers in the two stores: Camagni Cucine and Camagni Interni, situated just a few metres from each other. Here Camagni offers top quality brands representing a refined design, both traditional and contemporary.

Living the contemporaneity of our age is nowadays a pleasure that spreads throughout our home and all the spaces belonging to it. Living them means looking for the best location and the best lifestyle in everyday life. Our personality reflects on the space and elements we live in: the details,the colour combinations and the lighting. Everything tells our story.


The use of top quality materials,the combination of innovative technology and a know-how derived from over 3 generations, makes Camagni a company always striving for the style that best represents all of us, combining beauty, comfort, accuracy, design and classical quality. Camagni Interni looks for top quality in living the spaces, answers the customers’ requirements even in the details, making a place unique, designed, planned and made to measure.


Camagni Cucine offers top design products and takes on the challenge of an advanced technology, making it immediate, easy, professional and reliable. Camagni Outlet provides functionality for a space designed for pleasure and aesthetic appeal. Camagni designs your style.